Membership Application/ Renewal

As a member of the New England Healthcare Engineers’ Society you will receive a number of professional benefits: professional education via NEHES conferences, seminars, e-mails, web site, and quarterly newsletters; Codes and Standards updates from NEHES liaisons to regulatory agencies; discounted registration fees at NEHES Spring Seminars and Fall Conferences; representation at ASHE and NFPA, lists of fellow healthcare engineers and supporting members in the New England region; press releases of your activities in your local newspapers and to your CEOs; opportunities to enhance your resume by working on the Board or on the many planning activities of the Society, and the ability to network with your colleagues beyond state borders.

Active Membership is available to those individuals who are directly employed in or by healthcare-related facilities (those that provide patient care), and who have responsibility in healthcare facility operations (e.g., facilities management, plant engineering, planning/design/construction, security, safety, clinical engineering, and telecommunications).  If you get your 1099 at the end of the year from a healthcare institution, you would qualify for Active Membership.  

Educator/Student Membership is available to educators and full-time college students teaching or taking course work related to any disciplines determined by the Society. Educator/Student Members may serve on committees, but may not vote or hold office.

Supporting Membership is available to manufacturers, vendors, contractors, distributors, service providers, architects, engineers and others who interact with Society members as part of their businesses and professions. Supporting Members cannot vote or serve on the Board of Directors; they are eligible for all other Society benefits.

Honorary Membership is available to any member with a minimum of five years Active membership who has retired from active work in the healthcare engineering field. Application must be made by the retiring member in writing to the Secretary. Honorary members are not required to pay dues but should verify their current contact information.

* Please provide proof of ASHE Membership with Active and Associate applications.

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